Saturday, June 23, 2012

Himalaya AyurSlim Review: 1st Week

I just purchased AyurSlim about a week ago, (It's about RM60 plus at Watson for one month supply 2 boxes x 60 capsules) and will be continuing the review until I finish the the one month supply package. Before purchasing this I have been googling the review from others and some says it is effective and some not, but I am eager to give it a try anyway to see if it works on me.

Description on the box:
Limits Fat production and reduces cravings for sugar.
The Ayurslim regimen consists of 2 capsules to be taken twice a day, 15mins after breakfast and dinner. After achieving the desired weight loss, you may reduce capsule intake to a maintenance dosage of 1 capsule twice a day. 

Recommendation for best result:
Ayurslim should be taken along with a reduce calorie diet, complemented with 20mins of moderate physical activity 3-4 times a week.

  • eat small frequent meal. Dinner should be the smallest meal.
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily
  • Increase the amount of fresh fruit, vege and juices in your diet
  • Cut down on sweets, colas, fried food, butter, potato chips, cheese and high fat food.
  • Help Ayurslim to help you. While you should start seeing results after 4-6 weeks, allow at least three months for full benefits. 
  • With Ayurslim, you will well on your way to getting slim the safe herbal way. 
I just wanted to say that I feel good taking this regimen so far. I will write an update review again in a few weeks time.

Update: 22 July 2012
After one month, my weight is still the same, I don't think this product is working if you don't compliment it with exercise and eating less and as the product claims sometimes takes 3 months to start seeing result. My personal opinion is if you are the lazy type and doesn't like to diet, don't waste your money to buy this product.

Update: 21 April 2013

If you follow my blog you will know that I recently purchased the Ayurslim plus SG, read here if you are interested to know the details. I initially thought that this product is with improved formula. It is the same except they have one extra bottle of capsule called SG which you need to compliment with Ayurslim capsule. SG stands for Shuddha Guggulu, if you google it you will find that this herb is well known for effective weight loss and fat burning agent, regulate metabolism and lowering cholesterol/ I tried it for one week and have to quit after that due to the side effect - the SG made my body heaty to the point like having a fever. 


Divya Uttam said...

Did u see results?

Coco said...

No result for me... actually this product need to compliment with exercise and eat less, otherwise from my experience it won't show result..if you are lazy to diet type this is not suitable in my opinion. good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I have used ayurslim for 3 months along with 60 mins of exercise daily(30 mins of cardio + 30 mins of weight training). During these 3 months I never had a meal outside and no sugar or sweet stuff. Diet was 6 Egg whites daily, 300 ml double toned milk, sprouts - 150 gm, Pulses - 100 gm, 3 chapatis with lots of home cooked green veg, 2 apples, Roasted Chicken (250 gms) twice a week

Results: I lost 13.5 kgs in 3 months...waist from 37inches to 33inches..

You will have to supplement Ayurslim with exercise and healthy diet for desired results...

Anonymous said...

^^ With your diet control and exercise routine, you would have lost weight even without these so called slimming medicines.

Anonymous said...

but i think the result will be less than 13.5kg if Without the medicine.

Anonymous said...

I am taking Ayurslim from almost past 4 months, no exercise but avoid high cholestrol foods, I could see 2kgs weight loss... from 67kgs to 65kgs.. I will continue Ayurslim for 4 more months to see further results...

Hana Sakura said...

i think.. the supplement like this just a placebo.. it sets our mind by taking this caps, we will loss weight but actually, without taking this caps, we could loss weight with controlled diet and exercise. my lecturer here used to say that exercise is the medicine for obese. so. dont be lazy to work out. believe it or not,, dont skip breakfast,just eat anything during lunch, drink a lot of water, for fast effect take cereal for dinner and exercise like jogging, badminton or basket for at least 30 min non-stop. good luck.

Namrata said...

i have been using ayurslim for about 3 months now. with moderation on food (but nothing extreme, just reduced portions. i still eat everything i love including bars of chocolates+cakes) and light exercise every other day and i have seen great results!

Anonymous said...

but their eye drops are really effective... I tried them!

Anonymous said...

Today I Bought The Product And Gonna Start It . Hope It Gonna Work ! : }

Contact Me ? XOXO

madhuri stilbon said...

Himalaya Herbals
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Shruti Gotarkar said...

i regularly exercise but i dot get results and i have food cravings all day long..i think i should try this for a few months..

Punitha Arinima said...

Wht is the regime of herbalife that u took? Mind sharing?

Mizz Pink said...

Hi Punitha, you may check out herbalife tab above or copy paste below link to your browser address bar.

Rasha Saad said...

I'm using ayurislim for one week with no diet control and no exercise, and I'm quite happy with it, I really csn say ir works since my clothes getting lose a little bit, I will complete it for 1 month then I will update..

Rudresh said...

i am taking ayur slim past from one month that two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the night, and daily 1000 skipping and some exercise, but past from one month i am seen any changes in my weight, before taking ayur slim i was 102kg after one month same weight carrying . is their any reason or any other way to reused weight?

Mizz Pink said...

Hi Rudresh, check out the link

rebeka christy said...

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Evan Albert said...

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Ummey Rezwana said...

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Pallavi Agarwal said...

Should i need to take 4 pills in a day or 2 pills in a day

Simran Saini said...

I started using it since 15 day I found that I lost 5kg in just 2 weeks with brisk exercise and controlled diet......I used to have black tea and green tea took and take about 8-10 glasses of water though I very happy with result.....thank you ayur slim

Simran Saini said...

I lost nearly 5kg in 2 weeks with brisk exercise and complete low calorie diet no crash diets.....I drank about 8-10 glasses of water .....I take black tea and green tea ....milk tea tool .....reduced my sugar intake to 1/4 level in tea therefore I m happy with my results.....thank you ayur slim

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Simran Saini said...

It being great I reduced from 62kg to 55 kg in 2.5 months it felt great my tummy got more toned my face fat goes away more over I feel full of confidence thanks ayur slim

Mizz Pink said...

you can check on the description label on the box, 2 pills twice daily.

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Deepti Ashok Desai said...

hi all

Shud i buy ayurslim?Will it really help?

Mizz Pink said...

You may try but I do not recommend

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