Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bioglo Double Cleansing Facial Wash

Anyeong! I am reviewing Bioglo Double Cleansing Facial Wash. If you don't already know, Bioglo is Cosway Skin Care range. This facial wash act as make up remover and facial wash at the same time. Description: A one step double cleansing solution that effectively clears away embedded impurities and remove facial make up effortlessly. This water based, surfactant-free formulation delivers powerful cleansing efficiency without stripping away skin's moisture barrier. Keeps skin soft, moist and supple with every wash.

The packing

This is the bottle of the facial wash look like

Description behind

The ingredients and instruction

Putting the cleansing gel to the test:

From the left:
  • Water proof mascara
  • BB Cream
  • Water proof eye liner
  • Lipstick

 OK, the cleansing gel look like - white clear gel with nice scent

Gently massage over in circular motion on the stains, easily remove all traces except the water proof mascara was slightly need to massage over few times and the result is clear skin.

Skin is clear

Basically this is quite good but I recommend to use cotton to swap over especially eyes area because its stings if the gel traces leak to into eyes.

What I like about this cleansing gel

  • Affordable (RM32.50) This is cosway member price
  • Water based
  • Convenient two in one cleanser, can skip make up remover
  • Leaving skin moist, supple and soft
  • Easy dispenser

What I don't like about this cleansing gel

  • Stings eyes if gel leak into eyes
Overall this is a good cleanser.


  1. can i use it as make up remover(i dont wear make-up, mainly in remove dirt before cleansing)?

  2. Hi, yes this is a make up remover and facial cleanser at the same time. I don't use make up often too, I mainly use this as BB cream remover then use another facial cleanser to wash my face thoroughly. :)