Sunday, August 4, 2013

O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask Review

Anyeong ~

This is another review of my favorite item. It's from O'slee range called Clear Spa Sleeping Mask. At first I did not like this mask because the mask stick on my pillow case, but later on I found a way to solve this, keep on reading to find out. I purchased this item from Guardian RM50.90 for 50ml, okay it's exclusively available at Guardian outlet, also available online at sasa and oslee website. 

Description on the packing
Purifying : Botanic Clarifying Complex purifies skin and neutralizes skin toxins, making the skin more absorbent.
Hydrating : Spa Moisturizing Factor (SMF) provides non-stop hydration to skin which enhancing skin revitalizing action overnight.
Relaxing : The natural scent of rose helps realize relaxation and nice sleep. And skin becomes receptive to nutrients and moisture from skincare products.
Anti-Oxidant : Newly added Licorice Extract and Vitamin E avoid skin from oxidation and provide skin with extra moisture overnight.


Aqua, Rosehip extract, Allantoin, 1,3–Butanediol, Glycerin, Lubrajel LG, Proteasyl, VB5 Vitamin E, C-940 Licorice extract, Humecto Am-20, Triethanolamine, Germall plus, Perfume

I almost finish this mask

The mask is gel like but not runny, it's lightly sticky kind of consistency, oil free and have a scent of rose hip, similar scent like the rest of their products, the color is aqua blue marine like. 

My thoughts:
At first when I use this mask I don't like it, basically you need to apply this mask on your face before bed, the mask actually stick on my pillow and it's a mess and sticky - very uncomfortable. After a while I didn't use it, one day I decided to re-use this but apply it at night time for few hours while watching TV and doing my things, then wash it off. And it really hydrates my skin. I use it that way thereafter. 

What I like about this products:
  • Skin feels moisturized, supple and smooth after used.
  • Oil free

What I don't like about products:
  • I don't like using it as overnight mask because of the stickiness, mess and uncomfortable
  • I finish this mask fairly quick because I applied them quite thick on my face, I wish the content were more.

Overall I really like this mask because it really hydrates my skin. I recommend this mask for those who wanted to hydrates their skin. I rate this mask a full 5/5 stars, it's one of my favorite item of the year. 

I award this item my favorite item of the year :)

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