Monday, October 14, 2013

Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser Review

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Anyeong guys...
I am back, here is a review on Yadah Anti Trouble Cleanser. 
If you don't already know Yadah is a skin care brand from Korea. I am very excited because this is another brand that:
  • FREE of artificial coloring
  • FREE of mineral oil
  • FREE of Parabean
  • FREE of animal material
You will see a cute girl character on their branding named Yadah and his alien pet. Basically this brand is specially formulated for teenagers and young adults - no harsh chemical used, their products basically based on natural plants extract - a mixture of organic, natural and ecocert. By the way if you are way over young adults age, you still can use this product as it was mentioned in their website that it is also suitable for all ages and all skin types. 

Their best seller is the bubble cleanser. They have two bubble cleanser, one is for normal skin type and another for trouble skin. Even though I do not have a trouble skin, I opted for this anti trouble bubble cleanser because my skin prone to acne during my period time which is normal for most people, just so to minimize the periodic acne. 

Product profile:
Product Name: Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser
Origin: Korea
Content: 150ml
Price: RM55 (price might vary now)
Available: Watson

Function: Facial Cleanser

   The bubble cleanser in a plastic bottle and convenient pump (150ml) the cute girl is Yadah :)

The box packing description mostly in korean

Ingredients and direction on the box packing

Rich bubble lather

I have been using this cleanser for one and a half month and it is already almost finish, I think this 150ml can last for approximately 2 months. I really like the light refreshing scent and rich lather, unlike other cleanser that you need to rub and lather up by yourself, you just need to pump the ready lather up cleanser and gently massage on your face. My skin feels squeaky clean after used, but it does not dry my skin, skin feels moist, supple and soft. This is by far the second cleanser that I am satisfied in and very happy with the result. If you ask me about whether this cleanser able to treat pimples or not, I am not very sure as myself do not have trouble skin but I did found that my skin was having less pimple (only one or two acne) during my period, the previous month before using this cleanser the acne was more.

The price for this anti trouble bubble cleanser is RM69.00 (150ml) quite affordable and at a reasonable price.     

What I like about this product:
  • Skin feels squeaky clean after used
  • Skin feels moist, supple and soft after used
  • Affordable 
  • Rich lather, no need to lather it up by rubbing your palm on it like other cleanser
  • Nice refreshing scent
  • Based on natural ingredients, gentle with no harsh chemical, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Parabean free, mineral oil free etc.
What I don't like about this product:
  • The only complain I have is this cleanser finish quick, by one and a half month I already almost used them up.
Overall, I really like this cleanser and recommend this highly, I rate this item 5 stars - Excellent :). You can buy this products in Sasa outlet or visit this website
I will write more reviews soon, anyeong! :)


  1. Lovely Review! I want to try this but too bad that I can't get it easily in Europe! ♥

  2. Hi, thanks for reading, maybe you can try check out with the customer service at perhaps they can courier it to you. :)