Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Neogence C+ Brightening Renewal Gel Mask Review

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I received this mask from Neogence a few months back and have been using this mask lately. Of all type of mask, my favorite would be gel type of mask, I found gel mask achieve better result in moisturizing skin, refreshing and leave skin supple. As simple intro of this product below:

Product Profile

Name: Neogence C+ Brightening Renewal Gel Mask
Price: USD45  for 150ml
Made in: Taiwan
Available at: Sasa and other beauty outlets

The packing

The main function of this mask is whitening. Description about this mask: 
The mask is concentrated treatment composite 3 in 1 brightening formula. This formulated mask soaks into skin to awaken its radiance, it repair and whiten skin. The Hyaluronic acid + chamomile extract moisturize and energize skin. It can intensively irrigate and improve brightness skin. The ingredients mainly  composite of Dermawhite complex which can whiten skin, Complex Vitamin C that deters the formation of melanin, Hyaluronic acid + chamomile which moisturizes, soothe and energizes skin. 

With safety seal

This product is from their whitening range C+, from this range they also have the whitening lotion, eye gel and sheet mask etc. 

The gel mask in clear white color

The direction and ingredients stated on the packing

How to use this mask?
After cleansing face, apply as thick layer on face, then rinse off after 15-20 minutes.
This mask can be used as overnight mask as well, just apply a thick layer evenly on face after skin care routine before bed, then rinse in the morning. 
I prefer to use after cleansing as it gets a bit messy to use as overnight mask. 

My experience:
My skin looks brighter after using this mask but the brightness does not last long - the obvious brightness only last for a few hours; I believe need to continuously and diligently use for long term result. I believe whitening take time to stay, thus as long as you are diligent in keeping the skin care routine you will see the result. Skin feels moist and supple. The scent is light which is good, I really hate strong scented skin care products. I rate this mask 4/5.

What I like about this mask:
  • Brighten dull skin
  • Deeply moisturizing and sooth skin, leaving it supple and soft
What I don't like about this mask:
  • Kinda expensive

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