Sunday, December 15, 2013

Neogence C+ 3x Whitening Serum Review

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I've been given this C+ 3x whitening serum from Neogence for review about 4 months ago; have been using this serum ever since and almost finishing this serum. I have some dark spot on my face which is annoying. This products claims to lightens dark spots and even out skin tone & prevents melanin synthesis. Dark spots usually take times to lighten, that's why I don't usually write the review so quickly, now that it's already been about 4 months using this serum diligently twice a day the content is almost finish, I finally decided to write the review.

Packing in a bottle with pump

Product profile:

Product: Neogence C+ 3x Whitening Serum
Price: RM130 for 30ml
Origin: Taiwan
Available: Sasa

the pump and serum in clear color

the ingredients and direction

The texture of this serum is watery but not runny, non oily and absorb to skin pretty quickly. The scent is light vitamin c smell if you know what I mean, not so noticeable and is tolerable. I am using this serum on concurrently with another ACE Neogence serum which also targeting at brightening skin. While writing this review, I browse through my self portrait picture to see the before and after results and have more confident to say that this serum does lighten dark spots especially acne spots, however for freckles not so much. Here is the before and after picture:

Before and after picture of forehead

As you can see the red circle spots lightens but the dark spot or probably freckle in dark circle not lighten that much. I am not sure if my skin brighter after using this serum or due to other products but my skin tone is more even.

What I like about this serum:
  • Lighten acne spots
  • Light weight, non oily and easily absorb by skin

What I don't like about this serum:
  • Not so effective on freckles
  • Not parabean free
  • Might be quite pricey for some

Overall this serum is does lighten my acne spots but have not been completely cleared yet. It might need to take longer time to cleared up completely, thus need to continue using to see for sure, this 30ml last about 5-6 months I think. Do visit for more info.


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