Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yadah Vitamin Toner Review & Yadah Vitamin Emulsion Review

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I posted three Yadah products review earlier, these are all sponsored by Yadah and another two reviews today are about the Vitamin Toner and Vitamin emulsion.

Above products which sponsored by Yadah, I reviewed the Anti Bubble Cleanser, Collagen Ampoule and Brightening Ampoule

The packing with pump

The description behind in Korean

Close up on the description and ingredients

As I written on my previous posts regarding Yadah products, Yadah concept mainly using natural ingredients and the prices also affordable. 

Yadah Vitamin Toner RM49.00 for 80ml
Yadah Vitamin Emulsion RM49.00 for 80ml 
Available from or Sasa
Origin from Korea

Both content clear fluids which is not oily at all, have a very refreshing scent and easily absorb by skin. However the emulsion is not moisturizing enough for my skin so need to apply separate moisturizer. However I think this product is suitable for young skin like teenagers. 

What I like about this two products:
  • Natural ingredients
  • Non oily, refreshing and easily absorb by skin
  • Refreshing scent
  • Convenient pump
What I don't like about this two products:
  • Emulsion not moisturizing enough
I recommend this product for teenagers and young adults. 

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