Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Naruko Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid Black Spots and Lines Defying Serum

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I have been using Naruko Apple Seed Series (specially to target dark spots), I am using the complete range except for the facial cleanser. Now on this post, I am reviewing the serum. If you read my post on Naruko before, this product is parabean free, natural ingredients based and affordable. Beware that all Naruko products come with authentic sticker that you can scratch reveal code that you can verify from their website, to ensure the product is original and not imitation. 

Product Profile
Product Name: Naruko Apple Seed & Tranexamix Acid Black Spots and Lines Defying Serum
Origin: Taiwan
Content: 30ml
Price: RM59 during promotion
Available: Naruko outlet, watson or naruko website

The serum come in a glass bottle

With convenient pump

Description behind the bottle

Description behind the box packing



This serum is formulated with vitamin A, C and E to help lightening dark spots and prevent melanin formulation. The texture is white color lotion like, with pleasant light lavender scent.

What I like about this serum:
  • Natural ingredient based
  • Pleasant smell
  • Lighten dark spots
  • Come with convenient pump

What I don't like about this serum:
  • This serum will finish first if you use together with the rest of the series which in 120ml - 150ml


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