Saturday, July 20, 2013

O'slee Honey Sugar Mask Review

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I am very excited to to write this review on O'slee Honey Sugar Mask - sponsored by O'slee, thanks O'slee ! 

(Note: Although this mask is sponsored by O'slee, I am not an affiliate to O'slee and this review is honest opinion based on my own personal experience after using their product.)

If you don't already know O'slee is one of the most famous skin care brands in Hong Kong.  

Product profile:
Name : O'slee Honey Sugar Mask
Price : RM59.90 for 100ml
Made in : Hong Kong
Available at : Guardian outlet, sasa or oslee website click here  

The packing and mask in super cute glass jar :)

Come with free cleansing sponge and mask stick 

Directions on the packing

This mask can be applied on wet skin or dry skin. I think using on wet skin will promote the moisturizing effect and applying on dry skin will promote the exfoliating effect. The cleansing sponge is very useful to help for better cleansing. 


Functions of the mask

Close up on the cute jar

It is encouraged to used up the mask within 9 months after opening it and don't let water enter the mask or it will ruin the mask

Sealed to ensure freshness

A yummy skin meal... it smells so delicious  - (caution: not food, do not eat ;) haha...)

On wet skin the mask melts, on dry skin it works on exfoliating dead skins

Demo on my left hand, before skin look dull after used skin is more brighter

My thoughts:
The mask smells so delicious, it smell like brown sugar and honey. This mask can be used on wet or dry skin, I prefer to use it on wet skin as it can maximize the benefits of moisturizing my skin. I used it on my wet face and gently massage the mask in circular motion and the mask melts after a few seconds and I washed it off after 10 minutes. Below are my comments on each functions per say of the mask:

Not totally sure if it does peeling, but the mask does make my skin brighter.

Yes, skin look brighter after use.

Agree - my skin feel supple and moist after used.

Removes blackheads
Not working on visible blackheads.

Refines pores
Pores still visible, made not much difference.

Oil control
Skin feels clean after towel dried.

What I like about this mask:
  • Cute packing
  • Skin feels moist and supple after used
  • Brighten skin
  • Exfoliate dead skins
  • Smell delicious
  • Come with free cleansing sponge and spoon

What I don't like about this mask:
  • Left oily film layer on skin due to oil based ingredients, but it does goodness to skin

My rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars. Overall happy with the result. :)

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