Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hada Labo AHA+BHA Facial Wash Review

Anyeong ~

This is a review of my favorite facial cleanser to date. It's called Hada Labo AHA+BHA Facial Wash. I bought from Cosway for RM27 plus (130g), cheaper from buying at Watson which is about RM32 plus (130g). I noticed recently that they have this facial wash in liquid version, which I have never try yet. This is cream like version.

The packing in plastic tube

Description on packing:

  • Gently exfoliate skin to remove impurities, dirt and oil trapped in pores.
  • Polishes away dullness and refines skin's textures for visibly clear skin, smooth and radiant skin.
  • Skin PH balanced, low irritation.
  • Free of fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant.


If you don't already know, AHA is Alpha Hydroxy Acid, mainly for removing dead skin cells. BHA is Beta Hydroxy Acid work to reduce fine lines, stimulate collogen and firm skin. Okay, the ingredients does contain paraben, I noticed most Hada Labo products contained paraben. If you don't already know paraben ingredient in skincare made headlines because paraben is found to be exist in cancer cell. Thus there were scare / suspected that paraben might cause cancer. (Paraben is used in skincare mainly as preservatives) Thus many skincare lines now stating in their product paraben free. Although there are still many arguments on this issue, for me personally I am still neutral on this. But of course those products that paraben free which usually expensive have more advantages, because people feel safer / worry free using it, even though this might not been proven 100% yet. 

All in all, I really like this facial wash, it's one of my favorite cleanser to date, because my skin feel squeaky clean and supple moist after used. Doesn't feel taut and drying at all. 

What I like about this product:
  • Skin feels squeaky clean
  • Skin feels moist and supple after used

What I don't like about this product: 

  • I wish it lather up more, don't get me wrong, it does lather up quite well, but I wish it would lather up more/richer
I rate this product 4/5

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