Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Best Beauty Goodies 2013

Anyeong beauties~

Happy new year 2014! This is my very first post in 2014 and this post will rundown 2013 best beauty products. These are the best my most loved products of the last 12 months in random order.

Best hydrating mask, but I didn't use as sleeping mask due to  mask sticking on my pillow, just rub on thick layer on skin for few hours while resting at home will hydrate skin really well. Affordable RM50.90 for 50ml and gel base, awesome!

Best soapless cleanser RM56.05 for 200ml it makes skin matte, supple and bright. Suitable for oily or acne prone skin.

This is the best bubble cleanser ever! Love it, it makes my skin feel super clean and also supple at the same time. Further more it is parabean free and based on natural ingredients. RM69 for 150ml must try this product if you haven't. 

This is another quality product from Yadah which based on natural ingredients, moisture skin and provide collagen to skin, prevention is definitely better than cure. RM65 for 30ml, I am already into my second bottle now. 

This is the best cleanser & mask product ever! Only RM29 for 120ml I have no complain. So love this product definitely will re-purchase after finishing this tube. Also based on natural ingredients and parabean free.  

There you have it, I can't believe only 5 star products for 2013 list. Look forward for 2014. More reviews coming soon. Anyeong~

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