Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nivea in Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner Review


Did you notice the Nivea in Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner advertisement on TV lately? I believe Nivea brings us the 1st rinse off body lotion. In fact two in five people don't apply lotion as indicated by the result in a research done in Europe, this is due to most people do not have the time to wait for the lotion to dry off and the sticky feeling is uncomfortable especially in our hot and humid weather in Malaysia. As soon I noticed there is Nivea came out with this genius idea call in shower body lotion conditioner I went out to hunt for one and pleasantly surprise it only cost RM16.90 at Guardian, quite affordable right? Got two types, the white bottle one is for normal skin and the blue one for dry skin, I bought the blue one for my dry skin.

White bottle one as above, picture from venusbuzz since I don't have the photo for the white bottle

Bought the blue bottle with Almond Oil

Description on the bottle

A thoughtful caution message from Nivea on the lotion might cause slippery floor. So be careful yea! Wash off any residue on the floor after usage.

The Cap

Content white lotion like consistency

The scent is like typical Nivea lotion, as the description on the picture above, after shower gel and rinse off, rub on this lotion and rinse off. This is faster than applying lotion, great for modern women that leading a busy and hectic life; a quick fix solution to keep their skin moist and supple.

My 1st time with Nivea's rinse off body lotion I am quite skeptical and worried that this lotion might be oily since it has almond oil, however after rinsing the lotion off, it was like you just done rubbing lotion on your whole body and not oily at all. After drying my body, I immediately noticed my skin is softer, moist and supple.

What I LIKE about NIVEA in Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner
  • Quick fix to lotion my skin
  • Keep skin moist, supple and soft

What I DON'T LIKE about NIVEA in Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner

  • No convenient pump
  • The moisturizing effect don't last throughout the day.
Check out this video of Nivea in shower conditioner Malaysia's version:


  1. How long do you rinse it off? How much ba ung isa? Yung whitening?

  2. Hi... you can rinse off immediately after application.