Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Fav. Vaseline Intensive Care Review

Wow it's 2 weeks away from new year yay! Are you excited? And I didn't post much this year. Lol! I am writing this quick review for my favorite product Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly. 

I have sensitive dry lips and this is the only product so far that helps! And it's only RM5.17 for 50g you can buy it from Watson or Guardian. It's so economy and effective, keep my lips moist and can use as lip mask overnight and the dried skin can be wiped off easily in the morning. I tried many lip balm even branded and expensive one but all end up with my lips having blister. 


  • Keep my lips soft and moist.
  • Economy and can use a long time.
  • Can use as lips mask.
  • Remove dry skin and can be used to exfoliate lips. 


  • Not hygienic due to no applicator. (What I do is I use cotton bud instead and cut it into half and store it inside the tube itself  to solve this problem)
  • The tube is big to store in handbag. 

This is the best product so far and one tube can last 6 months over for me. Vaseline also got the lip therapy specially formulated to treat dry lips but I haven't try it yet. Have you tried this product before? 

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