Saturday, January 20, 2018

Best of Beauty Skincare Budget under RM100


Today I'm going to list out my best beauty pick under RM100 for 2017. It's new year and what better way to celebrate with my readers here with the best of beauty under RM100? Probably I will also post on worse products 2017/2018. My best beauty pick under RM100 for 2017/2018 would be.....

In random order

The price listed below are just estimation based on my last purchase price, they might vary during promotion or as time passes:
  1. Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser -----------------RM35
  2. The Saem Harakeke Toner -------------------RM50
  3. Naruko Collagen Booster Firming Mask------RM59 per box of 10
  4. Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion------------------RM59
  5. Hada Labo Perfect Gel-------------------------RM100
  6. Hada Labo Eye Cream-------------------------RM59
  7. The Saem Eco Earth Power-------------------RM50
  8. Etude House Eye Brow Pencil-----------------RM19
  9. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil-----------------RM45
I think these products are best for students or those who are on a budget, the products do what it supposed to do and the price is affordable. The cleanser, perfect gel, mask and lotion have other range in the same brands, find the one suitable for you. Read my review on each of the products by clicking on the links. All the best on 2018! 


  1. hey abigail, i have two questions if you don't mind :))

    I saw that you used cosdna alot so I googled it and I found another website called skincarisma. have you used it before? from what I see its similar to cosdna but looks slightly different.

    second question is that in your review for the hada labo perfect gel ( its the pink one which I couldn't find! when I google its a golden one with slightly different ingredients ( have you used this one before?

  2. Hi Sooyoung, thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Yes, I sometimes use the skincarisma as well, their analysis is very informative too with graph and pie chart, it's similar to cosdna - except I found cosdna having more asia skincare products in their database as compared to skincarisma.

    The pink one is anti-aging line, check out the website the gold one which you found is moisturizing line. I also have tried that before too and really like it- very moisturizing without the sticky feeling, have not done the review and the empties thrown away. It's similar to the pink one, except the pink one with added anti-aging benefits. Since I am at that age needed to use anti-aging product, I prefer the pink one; for younger skin the golden one is great - anyway the golden one- product claim contains collagen which helps firm skin too.

    May I know from which country are you from? :)