Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weight Loss (Part 3) - Snack Ideas under 100 calories

Hungry in between meal time? eat frequent small meal and count calorie that you need for weight loss.

1. Yogood muesli bar (97 calorie per bar)

2. Hard boil egg (78 calorie)

3. An Orange (60 calorie)

4. 8 baby carrots with low fat dressing (100 calorie)

5. Half cup sunflower seeds (100 calorie)

6.  3/4 cup honey dew (50 calorie)

7. 20 pistachio nuts (80 calorie)

8. 3/4 cup cereal & 1/2 cup low fat milk (98 calorie)

9. 1 cup pumpkin boil mashed with salt (60 calorie)

10. 1/2 cup vegetables mix salad with low fat dressing (40 calorie)

For more ideas and count calorie in food check it from here

400 calorie of mix vegetables fill your tummy, and 400 calories of chicken not filling your stomach even half:


김가을 said...

Ooh, this is really helpful! I'm trying to lose weight this summer as well, but I never have the motivation and will-power to reach my goal weight orz;;

Thanks for following~ Following you back now <3

Mizz Pink said...

Thanks hun :)

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