Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blotting Paper or Film?

Do you use blotting paper based or blotting film based? Here is a review on the Body Shop blotting tissues versus Clean & Clear blotting film (Clean & Clear under Johnson & Johnson brand).

Blotting tissues or film is highly absorbent type of paper or film, it is used to absorb excess oil and excess makeup residues   

Why blotting?

  1. To remove excess oil from your face
  2. Remove shine due to excess oil from your face
  3. Create matte finish on your face
I have the Body Shop blotting tissues and Clean & Clear blotting film, my thoughts on the products...

The Body Shop Blotting Tissues Review

It's actually not the conventional tissues as what you imagine, I would describe it as more of a paper based; 50 sheets per pack at RM11.90. The Ingredients contained oil.. don't be surprise.. it is not oily at all.

I would rate this product at 2/5, don't like paper based blotting tissues, just doesn't feels right on skin, the finish is matte but after a while it the matte finish is gone. I have combination oily dry skin (T zone oily).

the Ingredients 

Clean & Clear Blotting Film Review

This is film based blotting sheets; 60 sheets for RM9.90 per pack. Absolutely love this blotting film, you can see the oil absorb clearly on the sheets, so you can actually differentiate parts of the sheets that still can be used to absorb excess oil, see what I mean from the pictures comparison below. The film also feels softer compare to paper based blotting sheets. Finishing is matte and last long. 

You see the Body Shop blotting sheet after used compare to Clean & Clear after used, I tested this only not long after washing my face thus the oil absorb is not much. I like the Clean & Clear film because you can see clearly the oil on it and you can see the clean part of the film you can identify easily which part of the film you can still use up to blot your face, instead of the Body Shop one, a bit difficult to notice. I rate Clean & Clear Oil Control Film 4/5. 

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