Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Avene Face Mist Review


Last few days I posted a review on the Body Shop Vitamin E face mist, after using it for few days, I found it to be leaving slight cast of shiny finish on my skin, I believe the Body Shop Vitamin E face mist contained some oil based ingredients - see the ingredients on the picture I posted on the review for this product here.

I am quite disappointed, this reminds me that I used to use Avene Face Mist many years back, but some how stop because I was only a student back then you see. I remembered it was quite good. Thus here is the Avene Face Mist review:

Comparison of  the packaging the Body Shop 100ml vs Avene 50ml Face Mist
The Body Shop face mist is in a plastic bottle and Avene in an aerosol bottle.

In a aerosol bottle packing 

The description on the back of the bottle

The Avene face mist packing is cute and price is also reasonable, I bought from Watson for RM35 for 3 bottles (50ml) at discounted price it's about RM11.60 (about USD3.90 per bottle of 50ml) per bottle. Avene is well known as the sensitive skin care expert; and this face mist is actually Thermal Spring water so is high in mineral, unless you are sensitive to water this face mist should be suitable for you. Ingredients is water and nitrogen. Very simple huh. 

I like the dewy finish Avene face mist does on my skin... love this product. 

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