Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weight Loss (Part 6) - How to boost metabolism?

Hi all...

As promise here is post on how to boost your metabolism.

1. Drink Iced Water

When you drink ice water your body burns calories warming it to your body temperature. More than 90% of chemical reactions in your body occur in water. Therefore drink plenty of water, don't be lazy. 


Don't skip breakfast, eating breakfast will make sure your metabolism gets cranking early in the day. Eating first meal of the day at 11 a.m. will slow down your metabolism for the whole day. Best to eat breakfast at 7-8 am or before 10 am.

3. Consume Protein

It is recommended to eat 10 grams of protein by 10 a.m. Protein help you control appetites and calorie intake. Protein help build and maintain lean muscle mass, muscle burns more calories than fat does, even at rest. One egg has about grams of protein.  Herbalife F1 is high protein, if you tend to eat unhealthy fast food break fast or have a hectic life no time to make healthy breakfast or simply too lazy, Herbalife is a good option for breakfast and help your diet plan. 

3. Exercise and Build Muscle

Exercise and raise your heart rate and sustain the activity for approximately 30 minutes. Muscle burns more calories than fat does even at rest. Do weight training exercise such as dumbbells barbells etc   The Herbalife F2 helps build and maintain body muscle.

4. Drink Green Tea
2 to 4 cups of green tea  per day may burn extra 50 calories. The compound called ECGC in green tea promotes fat burning. I personally drink green tea with ice cube to boost metabolism. Caffeine drink such as coffee also help increase metabolism. Because caffeine increase your heart rate.  

5. Consume Low Fat Yogurt or Dairy Products
Calcium helps your body metabolize fat more efficiently by increasing the rate at which it gets rid of fat as waste. 

6. Spice Up
Eating about one tablespoon of chopped red or green chilies boosts your body's production of heat. It will result to a temporary metabolism spike of about 23%. So spice up your food. For those who have don't like spicy food, you can skip this and try other options that suits you.

7. Iron (Tips for the ladies only)
During your menstrual, your iron level is low and this slow down your metabolism because iron responsible to carry oxygen to your muscle. If your muscle don't get enough oxygen your energy run low and your metabolism affected. So take high iron food during your menstrual such as broccoli, spinach (bayam in malay) and bok choy. 

8. No Alcohol
Two glasses of wine or two bottles of beer puts the brakes on fat burning by a whopping 73%. Because your liver converts the alcohol into acetate and starts using that as fuel instead of your fat stores. 

9. Get Enough Zzzzzzzzzz
Sleep is important. When you sleep less than you should, you throw off the hormones that help regulate energy use and appetite. 

10. Choose Organic
Researcher in Canada found that chemicals found in pesticide stalled your metabolism. Organic food is usually expensive, if you find it expensive use food purifier - I personally use Cosway food purifier. RM19.90 (about USD6.70+-) per bottle if I remember correctly. It is made of chitosan which is food base and safe. Effectively removes various types of contamination commonly found in food, can use for vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, rice, grains etc. 

11. Eat Every 3 Hours
If you eat more often you speed up your metabolism. It is recommended to have your 3 meals a day plus 2 healthy snacks. Pistachio and dry peach is great snack. Also refer my post on snack between meal earlier. 

6-8 am Breakfast
10 am Snack
12-1 pm Lunch 
3-5 pm Snack
5-7 pm Dinner

Don't eat after 8 pm

12. Take Zinc
Zinc reduces hunger by increasing your level of leptin a key hormone that alerts body when you're full, so you don't keep eating when you're no longer hungry. 

13. De-stress
Stress raise the amount of cortisol in your body, which is hormone that tells the body to hold onto fat in case of a stressful situation. Clear your mind and de-stress the healthy way. 

14. Up your Vitamin C
Calcium and vitamin C is partners in crime. Calcium speeds up metabolism while vitamin C helps absorb this mineral. So eat a lot of fruits, avoid banana if possible as banana calorie is high. 

15. Eat Fish
Fish such as Tuna and Salmon contain oil that increases leptin hormone responsible to control appetite. Also the omega 3 in it will help to make your metabolism more efficient and feeling full. 

I will continue the subject on weight loss once I have a new sub topic. So stay tuned. 


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