Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weight Loss (Part 4) - How does our body dispose of excess calories?

So have you been following my post on Weight Loss? some of you might not be interested in following the tedious calculation of calorie in my post for the calorie deficit subject, but it actually very helpful for you to understand how the whole things work.

It will definitely benefits those to who are seriously wanted to loss weight. Anyhow if you are confuse you may try this link to help on have a quick glimpse of how much calorie you should take to achieve your goal or refer below table (table guidelines below is for women, for men the number is usually higher) which is a general guideline to your maximum calories needs according to your height: 

(LBM stand for Lean Body Mass meaning everything in your body except fats, above table LBM is in pounds; RMR  stand for Resting Metabolic Rate meaning the number of calories your body consumes at rest): 

What does the term calorie mean? (if you don't already know)
Calorie is unit of energy, for example when you see label on canned food at the Supermarket written 250 calories, it means 250 is the unit of energy your body could get from eating or drinking it. 3,500 calories equal to 0.45kg (1 pound).

Your body needs calories for energy, but eating too much calories and not burning enough of them through activities can lead to weight gain. Yes! extra calories stored as fat. 

So now that you roughly know how much is the maximum calories you need, try to stick to it or if you enjoy eating so much try to burn the extra calories to maintain / achieve calorie deficit which can help you to loss weight. Below info is calories burned by walking a flight of stairs:

There are many other activities that can help you burn calories such as cleaning the house, cooking, walking, running etc. Do which ever activities that you enjoy and start burning calories.

To help you to be motivated to your journey to weight loss, set a target of your ideal weight. There are many applications online that you can utilize to help plan your diet and keep track of your weight loss journey, if you have a smart phone even better as now days they have application that you can download to your smart phone and use for free. You may check out this link.

Stay tuned for next post on weight loss subject. Anyeong!

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