Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Skinfood Vita Water Pore Fit Cushion Bottle SPF50+PA+++ Cover Review

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Today review is for Skinfood Vita Water Pore Fit Cushion Bottle SPF50+PA+++ Cover. You might find this product available in #1 Light Skin #2 Natural Skin. For this product I reviewing today is natural skin; I gotten it as a gift from Skinfood. This is the first time I using aerosol/bottle type of BB cream. Basically this is BB cream in aerosol packing with watery consistency. Let’s see the product profile and description.

Product Profile
Product Name: Skinfood Vita Water Pore Fit Cushion Bottle SPF50+PA+++ Cover
Origin: South Korea
Content: 120ml
Price: MYR92.90
Available: koreasnbymalaysia.com
Function: BB Cushion (Bottle)

Refreshing, long wear cushion bottle foundation that cools heat-stressed enlarged pores and this pore care formula helps control oil for an all-day smooth, even finish.

How to Use:
Toggle the bottle switch to “ON”.
Shake the bottle for 10 seconds.
Pump the top 4-5 times to dispense product.
Open cap and use the built in puff to gently apply product to face.
When finished, close cap and toggle the bottle switch to “OFF”.

Make sure cap is closed. Do not spray when cap is open, otherwise you will spray the products all over you – result in mess and waste of products. Additional puffs are included.
Take note that this product is flammable, please make sure this product is placed on a cool place not near the window or somewhere hot and keep it away from children's reach.

BB in Aerosol Bottle

Look at the description on the bottle - brightening, anti-wrinkle & sun protection - the rest in Korean language

Toggle to left or right to turn on and off 

Puff on the inside with mirror (I have not taken off the protective plastic on the mirror)

Without the puff - this is how it looks like on the top - with dispenser hole 

Swatch - watery consistency - need to blend to set evenly - it perfectly match my skin tone

When applied on face it has cooling sensation, due to this cooling effect – it actually shrink my pores. It has a watery consistency and need to pat to blend the coverage evenly. Very sheer and light coverage and feels like thin layer of skin – very comfortable. It didn’t dry out my skin and it didn’t grey out, not cakey. But tt doesn’t last all day, it will wear out around 3-4hours, with little of the products left on my skin, not surprising with the hot weather here. I use another brand BB cream and when I top layer it with this, my skin look flawless with a healthy glow. For the most part, what I like about this product the most is that it is light weight and the SPF50+, so convenient to use as sun screen as well. The pros and cons of this products are:

Affordable considering the content of 120ml, last a few months
Light and comfortable to wear, not cakey
Cooling sensation and shrink pores
Shade perfectly match skin tone
Matte finish and oil control
Extra Puff is included

Gas odour
Light coverage
Doesn’t last all day

Packing:               This is a fresh idea of BB in aerosol but not convenient for carry around, too bulky.
Coverage:             Sheer, light-weight and light coverage. It does shrink and cover my pores.
Price:                    Acceptable with the 120ml products      
Scent:                   Strong gas smell during application – but bearable
Shade/Color:        The shade match my skin perfectly
Finishing:             Smooth matte finish

My Tips: 
Use your favorite BB cream and layer it with this BB cushion, you will get a healthy glow looking skin with decent coverage.

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